Sunday, September 7, 2014

Where have you been? ...asks Rihanna AND your boss

When I first started with my company, I considered it a unifying act when I answered emails via my phone. I took work home with me (another subject we'll talk about later) and I checked my iPhone every time it buzzed. I was part of a team!

Two years went by, and my mother died. I went home for the memorial on a weekend before a big event that I helped to coordinate. Stressed to the max that I wasn't going to be in town, my boss was anxious about my leaving, though I only took off Friday and Monday around that weekend.

She thus emailed, texted, and called me every half-hour while I was gone. 

This was the beginning of the end for my love affair with getting emails from work on my iPhone.

Letting that simmer for a year, I went on vacation for a week. There was nothing going on that couldn't wait for my return. Except of course, other people who were not in the loop. And, of course, my boss, who is actually awesome, but who thought I had a document she needed.  I felt bad for her, but she emailed me imploring me to help her find this document. She was begging! Multiple times. All I could say was that I hadn't ever seen it, but if I had it then it would be in my to-do box.

We had awful phone reception where we were going, and our wifi was spotty at best, so after a few stressful email responses, I did the unthinkable.

I DELETED my work email from my iPhone!

I felt bad for a day or two, but I felt so free! No longer was I saying, "I'll get into the kayak when I'm done answering this email, honey".  I just GOT IN THE KAYAK!

When I returned, my boss apologized (I told you she was good) for the barage of worried emails. I now still do NOT have work emails on my phone, and I feel great. If something is important - for example, if it is during the work day and we are in different locations - she texts me.

However, I don't know that I could have deleted my work emails earlier in our relationship. So I will caution you - beware starting off your job with adding your work email to your phone, as it may be something that is hard to get rid of, once everyone sees how accessible you are.

And if you DO decide to remove it, consider your boss's attitude.  You may need to expound on a white lie, for example, "...I don't have enough data to get all of that on my phone..." which will work for most supervisors unless you are in the tech industry.  And if they insist that you are wrong, and they can help you with your phone, blame it on your mother (or father, or girlfriend, husband, or ??). Okay, just kidding about that last line. You're on your own there!

Do you have any experience with answering Emails from home or vacation?  Do you have any suggestions to share?  I am always looking for new, better, or different ways to do things, so don't hesitate to comment!

                      Thank you for stopping by!

While I'm still reading this, I'm looking forward to receiving this on Wednesday (its a gift for my hubby but I'll get to play, too!):

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