Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another use for the fingernail polish remover in your personal drawer

Everyone has their calendar on Outlook. Those of us in constant contact all share our calendar views.

Why would boss XX want everyone's calendar's on a dry erase board in the middle of our hallways.

We all belittled it.

But you know what? It helps!

Sometimes we take a walk across the office without looking at our calendars and end up looking through doors and windows until we remember to walk over to the hallway dry erase board and read it. It's closer than going all the way back to our desks.  And while the support staff usually look at the calendars, for some reason the management and team leaders never - ever - seem to remember they have that ability. And now that they are trained that the hall board is there, they are less likely to come bothering the support staff in our cubicles.

The calendar itself is actually three very large dry-erase boards, and one of the staff is a car-guy who suggested using car pinstriping to delineate the rows and columns.  This worked great.  Then we used Sharpie markers to write the names in the left-hand column, and dry-erase markers to enter locations during the days of the week. When new staff come, we use the fingernail polish remover from my personal drawer to erase the names and re-do the list. Perfect!

We also use a dry-erase board to re-write the car-usage calendar for the 3 company cards that we share.  Even though that is on a shared calendar as well, no one (again, except the support staff) seems to get that they can reserve it from the comfort of their own seat.  They inevitably walk the hallways until they get to the location were the dry-erase board is, in order to schedule the use of a car.

Well, we're not all rocket scientists.

And that's why they have us, Stellar Support Staff.  Because without us, they wouldn't be able to do what they do!

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